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Image of The Liberty Song; or, In Freedom We're Born The Liberty Song, 1768 1768 John Dickinson
Image of A Plan of the Town and Harbour of Boston ... Shewing the Place of the Late Engagement Between the King's Troops & the Provincials, Together with the Several Encampments of Both Armies in & About Boston Plan of Boston, 1775 1775 J. De Costa
Image of John Malcolm John Malcolm, 1784 1784 Nicolas Ponce, Francois Godefroy
Image of Services of Colored Americans, in the Wars of 1776 and 1812 Services of Colored Americans, 1851 1851 William C. Nell
Image of The Great Boston Tea Party Great Boston Tea Party, 1874 1874
Image of A Ballad of the Boston Tea Party Ballad of the Boston Tea Party, 1893 1893 Oliver Wendell Holmes
Image of Boston, December 17, 1773: At a Meeting of the People of Boston, and the Neighboring Towns at the Old South Meeting House in Boston, on Tuesday December 14, 1773, and Continued by Adjournment to Thursday the 16th of Said Month, Occasioned by the Perfidiou Boston, December 17, 1773 1773
Image of Traits of the Tea Party: Being a Memoir of George R.t. Hewes, One of the Last of Its Survivors: With a History of That Transaction, Reminiscences of the Massacre, and the Siege, and Other Stories of Old Times Traits of the Tea Party, 1835 1835 B. B. Thatcher
Image of What To the Slave Is the Fourth of July? What To the Slave, 1855 1855 Frederick Douglass
Image of The Liberty Song; or, In Freedom We're Born The Liberty Song, 1768 1768 John Dickinson
Image of Anthony Gilman, Sold into Slavery While Wearing the Uniform of the United States Anthony Gilman, 1978 1978
Image of A Discourse on the Good News from a Far Country: A Day of Thanks-Giving to Almighty God on Occasion of the Repeal of the Stamp-Act A Discourse on the Good News, 1766 1766 Charles Chauncy
Image of Réflexions [Reflections (excerpt)] Reflections, 1895 1895 Charles Gravier, Charlemagne Tower, Jr.
Image of Lettre du roi à M. l'amiral, pour faire délivrer des commissions en course [Letter from the King to Monseigneur the Admiral, Delivering a Commission] Letter from Louis XVI, 1778 1778 Louis XVI of France
Image of Political Memoirs; or, a View of Some of the First Operations of the War, After the French Notification, as They Were Regarded by Foreigners, Particularly by Frenchmen Political Memoirs, 1783 1783
Image of The History of the American Revolution The History of the American Revolution, 1805 1805 Bernard Hubley
Image of The Story of Jack Anthony Story of Jack Anthony, 1978 1978
Image of Speech Delivered to the Oneidas, by Skenodoa and Petrus, to His Excellency General Schuyler [Speech to the Oneidas], 1783 1783 Six Nations, Chief Skenandoah, Chief Petrus
Image of I Do Promise to Bear Faith and True Allegiance to His Majesty King George the Third [Micmac oath], 1778 1778 Micmac tribe
Image of A Speech of the Mohawks to the Majestrates and Committee of the Town of Schenectady and Major Corporation and Committee of the City of Albany &c Speech of the Mohawks, 1775 1775 Abraham, Samuel Kirkland, Miss[ionar]y
Image of Testimonies of Mr. Macknight's Case, Contained in Letters from the Governor of North Carolina, the Earl of Dunmore, Sir Grey Cooper, the Earl of Dartmouth, Lord Sackville, Lord North Testimonies of Mr. Macknight's Case, 178-? 1780 Thomas Macknight
Image of The Journal of a Voyage from Charlestown, S.C., to London: Undertaken During the American Revolution by a Daughter of an Eminent American Loyalist in the Year 1778, and Written from Memory Only in 1779 Journal of a Voyage from Charlestown, S.C., to ... 1906 Louisa Susannah Wells
Image of John Adams to Eldridge Gerry Adams to Gerry, 1782 1782 John Adams
Image of A Poem Containing Some Remarks on the Present War, Etc... On the Present War, 1779 1779

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