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Image of Of Cannibals Of Cannibals, 1685 1685 Michel de Montaigne
Image of Utopia Utopia, 1685 1685 Thomas More
Image of Diagram Illustrating Typical Fire Trench, Second Line and Communication Trenches, &c Diagram of Trenches, 1917 1917 Arthur Guy Empey
Image of The Western Battle Front The Western Front, 1918 1918 Geographical Publishing Co.
Image of Evrop, and the Cheife Cities Contayned Therin Europe, 1676 1676 John Speed
Image of Letter I Calligraphy Specimen Page Letter I, 1592 1592 John Scottowe
Image of Espaignolle Calligraphy Specimen Page Espaignolle, ca. 1600 1600
Image of Letter R Calligraphy Specimen Page Letter R, ca. 1633 1633 Baudouin van Horicke
Image of Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolate : ouvrage également necessaire aux medecins, & à tous ceux qui aiment leur santé Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et d... 1688 Philippe Sylvestre Dufour
Image of India occidentalis India occidentalis 1590 Theodor de Bry
Image of The vvorkes of Sir Thomas More The vvorkes of Sir Thomas More 1557
Image of Agrippa’s De occulta philosophia Agrippa’s De occulta philosophia 1567 Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim
Merlinus anglicus junior: The English Merlin re... 1644 William Lilly
Horoscope with accompanying prediction. 1679 John Middleton
Jean Bodin and the Definition of a Witch 1580 Jean Bodin
The Confession of a Witch from 1556 1863 Hermann Beigel
Matthew Hopkins, Witch-Finder General 1931 Matthew Hopkins
Images of Witches Meeting in Groups with the Devil 1608 Francesco Maria Guazzo
King James I on why women are more likely to be... 1603 James I, King of England
Skepticism About Witchcraft 1584 Reginald Scot
Image of Histoire naturelle du cacao, et du sucre, divisée en deux traités Histoire naturelle du cacao, et du sucre, divis... 1719 D. Quélus

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