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Image of The Sidewheeler "The City of St. Paul" on the Mississippi River, Dubuque, Iowa The Sidewheeler "The City of St. Paul" 1872 1872 Alfred Thompson Bricher
Image of Grand Canyon Grand Canyon, 1876 1876 Thomas Moran
Image of Castle Geyser Castle Geyser, Yellowstone, 1876 1876 Thomas Moran
Image of Melville Island from Banks Land Melville Island from Banks Land, 1854 1854 Samuel Gurney Cresswell
Image of Across the Continent: "Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way" Across the Continent, 1868 1868 Frances F. Palmer
Image of The March of Destiny The March of Destiny, 1883 1883 Frank Triplett
Image of Our Banner in the Sky Our Banner, 1861 1861 Frederic Edwin Church
Image of Norman's Chart of the Lower Mississippi River Chart of the Lower Mississippi, 1858 1858 Marie Adrien Persac
Image of Kiowa Indian Ledger Drawing: Man, Woman, Tipi, River Kiowa Man and Woman, 1880 1880

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