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Image of De Republica Anglorum: The Maner of Government or Policie of the Realme of England Of the English Republic, 1583 1583 Thomas Smith
Image of On Behalf of the King: Police Ordinance about Hawkers and Distributors of Printed Materials On Behalf of the King, 1789 1789
Image of Incompetence of Any Tribunal to Judge Louis XVI Incompetence of Any Tribunal, 1793 1793
Image of I Wait for the Head of the Assassin, Louis XVI I Wait for the Head of Louis XVI, 1793 1793
Image of Revolutions of France and Brabant Revolutions of France and Brabant, 1789 1789 Camille Desmoulins and Louis Marie Prudhomme
Image of The Rights of Woman: To the Queen The Rights of Woman, 1791 1791 Olympe de Gouges
Image of Law Declaring that Individuals of Both Sexes Are Included in the Laws against Rebels Both Sexes Included in Laws Against Rebels, 1795 1795 France. Convention nationale
Image of American Policy American Policy, 1914 1914 Ramón Prida
Image of A Diplomat's Wife in Mexico: Letters from the American Embassy at Mexico City, Covering the Dramatic Period Between October 8th, 1913, and the Breaking Off of Diplomatic Relations on April 23rd, 1914 Diplomat's Wife in Mexico, 1916 1916 Edith O'Shaughnessy

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