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Image of A Mother's Anguish A Slave Mother's Anguish, 1837 1837
Image of Cranky Ann, the Street-Walker: A Story of Chicago in Chunks Cranky Ann, the Street-Walker, 1882 1882 Shang Andrews
Image of Epilogue Epilogue to Oroonoko, 1699 1699 William Congreve
Image of Woman's Protest against Woman Suffrage Woman's Protest against Suffrage, 1909 1909 Illinois Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women
Image of What Every Girl Should Know What Every Girl Should Know, 1922 1922 Margaret Sanger
Image of Family Limitation Family Limitation, 1914 1914 Margaret Sanger
Image of Adam, Eve, and the Serpent Adam, Eve, and the Serpent, 1455 1455
Image of Mary Is Our Protector and Defender Mary Is Our Protector and Defender, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Queen Thamyris Queen Thamyris, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Eve Formed from Adam's Rib Eve Formed from Adam's Rib, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Letters of Abelard and Heloise to Which Is Prefix'd a Particular Account of Their Lives, Amours, and Misfortunes Letters of Abelard and Heloise, 1743 1743 Peter Abelard
Image of Mary and Judith Mary and Judith, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Satan Deceives Eve by Means of the Serpent Satan Deceives Eve, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Le Champion des Dames Le Champion des Dames, 1488 1488 Martin Le Franc
Image of The Garment Worker's Strike The Garment Worker's Strike, 1915 1915
Image of Help Win the War?...ME? Help Win the War?...ME? 1942 1942 Smith-Corona
Image of Alice's Adventures in the New Wonderland Alice's Adventures in New Wonderland, 1884 1884 Carl J. Hals and Arvid Rydstrom
Image of Woman of the Snake-Tribe, Woman of the Cree-Tribe Woman of the Snake-Tribe, Cree-Tribe, 1836 1836 Karl Bodmer
Image of Of Domesticall Dvties: Eight Treatises Of Domesticall Duties: 1622 1622 William Gouge
Image of Elizabeth I Elizabeth I, 1625 1625 Francis Delaram
Image of The Mothers Blessing: Or, the Godly Counsell of a Gentle-Woman The Mothers Blessing, 1636 1636 Dorothy Leigh
Image of Woman from Caffraria Woman from Caffraria, 1790 1790 François Le Vaillant
Image of Bicycle Episode or the Pleasures of Wheeling Bicycle Episode, 1897 1897
Image of Scene in Pullman Car of Westbound Denver Zephyr Scene in Pullman Car, 1948 1948 Russell Lee
Image of Willa Cather in the Southwest Willa Cather, 1925 1925
Image of Women Workers Women Workers, 1948 1948 Russell Lee
Image of a song in the front yard a song in the front yard, 1945 1945 Gwendolyn Brooks
Image of Dancing and Delinquency Dancing and Delinquency No Date Ann Barzel
Image of Morning Zephyr to Chicago. 2. Scenes in coach Morning Train to Chicago, 1948 1948 Russell Lee
Image of Mrs. Scott Rader, Knoxville Farm Wife, Takes the Zephyr to Chicago for a Shopping Tour Farm Wife on Train, 1948 1948 Esther Bubley
Image of Immigrant Girls Traveling Alone Who Failed to Reach Destination Immigrant Girls Traveling Alone, 1924 1924 Edith Abbott
Image of Immigrant Women in Line for Inspection at Ellis Island Immigrant Women in Line for Inspection, 1914 1914 Edward Alsworth Ross, Lewis Hine
Image of Apache Women with Blanket Apache Women with Blanket 1894 Frederick Gokliz
Image of California Joe and the Girl Trapper California Joe and the Girl Trapper, 1886 1886 Jack Crawford
Image of Heroism of a Pioneer Woman Heroism of a Pioneer Woman, 1860 1860 Henry Howe
Image of The Great Boston Tea Party Great Boston Tea Party, 1874 1874
Image of The Rights of Woman: To the Queen The Rights of Woman, 1791 1791 Olympe de Gouges
Image of Chicago-Union Station-Scene in Main Waiting Room Union Station Waiting Room, 1948 1948 Esther Bubley
Image of Hinsdale Station—Early Morning Commuters Waiting Hinsdale Station Commuters, 1948 1948 Esther Bubley
Image of Manière de voyager des Dames au Mexique [Mexican Ladies’ Way of Traveling] Mexican Ladies Traveling, 1830 1830 Claudio Linati
Image of Servante Indienne [Indian Woman Servant] Indian Servant, 1830 1830 Claudio Linati
Image of Isn’t War Scrumptious? Isn’t War Scrumptious? 1917 1917
Image of Corporal: What Will You Do…? What Will You Do? 1918 1918
Image of The Red Cross The Red Cross, 1917 1917
Image of So Long Sammy So Long Sammy, 1917 1917 Benny Davis, Jack Yellen, and Albert Gumble
Image of Our Watering Places—The Empty Sleeve at Newport The Empty Sleeve, 1865 1865 Winslow Homer
Image of Filling Cartridges at the United States Arsenal, at Watertown, Massachusetts Filling Cartridges, 1861 1861 Winslow Homer
Image of News from the War News from the War, 1862 1862 Winslow Homer
Image of Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy Little Women, 1869 1869 Louisa May Alcott
Image of I Have No One to Send—I’ll Go Myself, and Nurse the Sick I have no one to send, 1861 1861
Image of If I cannot fight, I can feed those who do If I cannot fight, 1861 1861
Image of Our Women and the War Our Women and the War, 1862 1862 Winslow Homer
Image of Anecdotes, Poetry, and Incidents of the War: North and South. 1860-1865 Anecdotes of the Civil War, 1867 1867 Frank Moore
Image of The Little Pauper The Little Pauper, 1853 1853 Fanny Fern
Image of Our Hatty Our Hatty, 1853 1853 Fanny Fern
Image of Woman Woman, 1853 1853 Fanny Fern
Image of The Transplanted Lily Transplanted Lily, 1853 1853 Fanny Fern
Image of The Quaker City: Or, the Monks of Monk-Hall: A Romance of Philadelphia Life, Mystery, and Crime Quaker City, 1845 1845 George Lippard
Image of Soldaderas [Women Soldiers] in the Revolution Women Soldiers, 1933 1933 Miguel Covarrubias
Image of Baking Maize Pancakes (Tortillas) Baking Tortillas, 1925 1925 Walther Staub, Hugo Brehme
Image of La Soldadera Maderista [Madero-Supporting Woman Soldier] Woman Soldier, 1943 1943 José Guadalupe Posada
Image of A Diplomat's Wife in Mexico: Letters from the American Embassy at Mexico City, Covering the Dramatic Period Between October 8th, 1913, and the Breaking Off of Diplomatic Relations on April 23rd, 1914 Diplomat's Wife in Mexico, 1916 1916 Edith O'Shaughnessy
Image of Sauvagesse femme de chef avec ses ornements et une evantail de queue de dinde Female Savages 1747 Dumont de Montigny
Image of Winona (Nancy Eastman) Winona, 1851 1851 Frank Blackwell Mayer
Image of Letter from Mrs. Stanyford-Blanckley to the Duke of York, dated May 25, 1820 Letter from Mrs. Stanyford-Blanckley to the Duk... 1820 Elizabeth Diana Blanckley
Image of Female Anti-Slavery Society, Putnum Co., Illinois Female Anti-Slavery Society, 1857 1857
Image of Three Arts Club of Chicago Three Arts Club 1900 Percy H. Sloan

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