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Image of Keep 'Em Flying! Keep 'Em Flying! 1942 1942 U.S. Army Recruiting Service
Image of The Changing World The Changing World, 1945 1945 John T. McCutcheon
Image of Defend America First! Defend America First! 1940 1940 America First Committee
Image of Help Win the War?...ME? Help Win the War?...ME? 1942 1942 Smith-Corona
Image of The First Lesson Uncle Sam Taught Us The First Lesson Uncle Sam Taught Us, 1943 1943 John T. McCutcheon
Image of These Are the Days! These Are the Days! 1944 1944 Florida Citrus Commission
Image of The Melting Pot Has Fused its Metal The Melting Pot Has Fused its Metal 1942 Carry Orr
Image of Hiroshima Panorama Hiroshima Panorama 1946 Manhattan Engineer District
Image of Hiroshima Hiroshima 1983 Jacob Lawrence
Image of USA-17 USA-17 1941 Ray Walters
Image of Air-Raid Victim Air-Raid Victim 1940
Image of Rosie the Riveter Rosie the Riveter 1943 Norman Rockwell
Image of This is War This is War 1944
Image of Give 'em Both Barrels Give 'em Both Barrels 1941 Jean Carlu
Image of Mow the Japs Down Mow the Japs Down 1942 Students of Fort Vannoy School
Image of Be a Cadet Nurse Be a Cadet Nurse 1944 John Whitcomb
Image of Born Free and Equal Born Free and Equal 1944 Ansel Adams
Image of While So Serving While So Serving 1947 Eleanor Hart and Harriet Welling
Image of Plant a Victory Garden Plant a Victory Garden 1942 Government Printing Office
Image of Buy War Bonds Buy War Bonds 1942
Image of Up Front Up Front 1945 Bill Mauldin
Image of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 1945 Norman Rockwell
Image of Indians in the War Indians in the War 1945 United States Bureau of Indian Affairs
Image of The Negro and the War The Negro and the War 1942 Earl Brown and George R. Leighton
Image of The Man in the Rear Seat The Man in the Rear Seat 1944 Georges Schreiber

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