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About the Site

Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom are thematic collections of primary source documents selected from the Newberry’s extensive holdings. They are designed for easy incorporation into classroom teaching and support close reading, looking, and many other skills emphasized by the Common Core State Standards. Each collection contains high-resolution digital images of documents representing a variety of genres, from maps, photographs, broadsides, and cartoons to poems, speeches, and travel narratives. These images—unlike transcripts—convey a rich sense of the documents in their original forms, allowing teachers and students to do the work of historians.

Newberry staff researches and organizes the documents and provides introductions, discussion questions, translations, and bibliographic information for each collection in consultation with content experts. We encourage the use of our digital collections for non-commercial, educational purposes.

The Newberry Teacher Fellowship is an opportunity for Chicago-area teachers looking to hone their original research skills and develop content for this resource. For more information, please visit our Teacher Fellowships webpage.

About the Newberry

Founded in Chicago in 1887, the Newberry is a world-renowned independent research library which offers readers an extensive non-circulating collection of rare books, maps, music, manuscripts, and other printed material spanning six centuries. The Newberry is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, especially in the humanities, and supports a variety of activities from free exhibitions and speaker events to fellowships, undergraduate seminars, and genealogy orientations. Through its Professional Development Programs for Teachers, the Newberry offers content-based seminars to Chicago-area teachers. Led by local scholars, these seminars allow teachers to reconnect with their academic interests, deepen their knowledge, and explore current scholarship in a collaborative setting. Digital Collections for the Classroom complement many of the Newberry’s professional enrichment seminars for teachers.


The Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom project is generously funded by the Grainger Foundation. Additional funding has been provided by the Terra Foundation for American Art and the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution – Chicago Chapter. We receive invaluable advice and assistance from Newberry librarians, the staff and scholars associated with the Newberry’s research centers, and the Chicago-area faculty who lead Teacher Programs seminars.

Special thanks to Brodie Austin, Rachel Bohlmann, Ruby Daily, Neal Dugre, Stephanie Fong, Catherine Gass, Ashley Johnson, Hana Layson, Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson, Rachel Rooney, Charlotte Ross, Blake Smith, and Karl Stolley for their contributions to this project.