Address to the German Nobility

Martin Luther. 1520.

Image of Address to the German Nobility

This pamphlet was written to counteract the papacy’s recent condemnation of Luther as a heretic. In it, Luther implored German nobles to defy the authority of the pope and reform the Church on their own.

Translation of underlined text: “Therefore, let us awake, dear Germans, and fear God more than man, lest we suffer the same fate of all the poor souls who are so lamentably lost through the shameless, devilish rule of the Romanists. The devil grows stronger every day, if such a thing were possible, if such a hellish regime could grow any worse – a thing I can neither conceive nor believe.”

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Item Type Book
Title Address to the German Nobility
Creator Martin Luther
Publication Date 1520
Language German
Call Number Case C 64 .533
Location Special Collections