Excerpt from a French Notarial Register

Guilhelm Peytralis. From French Notarial Registers, 1582.

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Flour mills were managed by land owners, and could be used by anyone in the community for a certain fee. In some cases, as in this document, cities would own flour mills, and rent them to members of the community.

[beginning at line 4:] L’an que dessus & le XXIIII janvyer, | personnellement estably Gregoyre Allibert, | filz du feu Barthelemy du lieu d’Auset, lequel | de son bon gré, par luy & siens à l’avenyr, | a soubz arancté à ladite Loïze Pieulle | & Noé Roux, presentz estipullantz, assavoyr est | les mollins qu’il a arancté dedans la |ville de Seyne par le temps des | le jour present & des la feste prochaine | de Sainct Michel en ung an aprés comply | & revollu, & pour le pris & | rancte entre heux convenu & acordé |de onze charges de bled & ung cestyer | mesure dud. Seyne, […]

[beginning at line 4:] In the same year, on January 24, personally established Gregoyre Allibert, son of deceased Barthelemy of Auset, who, of his free will, by himself and for his future heirs, is subleasing to Louise Pieulle and Noé Roux, here present, the flour mills that he is renting in the town of Seynes, from this day forward, and in a year at the Feast of Saint Michael for the price and rent negotiated between them of eleven charges of wheat and one setier, measure of the city of Seynes, […]

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Item Type Manuscript
Title Excerpt from a French Notarial Register
Publication Title French Notarial Registers
Short Title Notary Register, 1582-83
Creator Guilhelm Peytralis
Publication Date 1582
Language French
Call Number VAULT Case MS 5028
Location Special Collections 4th floor
Notes v.3, f. 24r