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Title page. This history of aristocratic hairstyles and fashions devotes particular attention to trends at the court of then-reigning Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

General Collection of Hairstyles of Different Tastes, Where One Sees the Way that Women Have Styled Their Hair, under Different Queens, beginning in 1589 until 1778, with Related Verses for Each Costume, followed by a Collection of French Fashions, containing Different Outfits and Hairstyles for Men and Women. The Most Complete Work of Its Kind. A Work Strongly Desired by Each Sex.

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Left, top: Smooth cap with three detached curls.

This hairstyle, in reality, well deserves to be a favorite. The more I see its simplicity, the more I find it elegant. But I suppose that all of this would be so to you, kind Glycera; there is nothing that is in worst taste than a bizarre hairstyle.

Left, bottom: Levant-style cap.

Is it enough, young Alcimadure, of a slight hint of rising to give this hairstyle the name of “Rising Cap”? As for the rest, adorn yourselves with it; but I am quite sure that without it, with such a lovely young face, you would please in any country.

Note: levant is a play on levant (“rising”) and Levant (“the East”).

Right, top: “Hooked” hairstyle with a length of curls.

What will we say about this one? My Lord! What art and what pain! Oh! How can one be thus, four hours, and more, in discomfort? You think that one will admire this magnificent ensemble: Wrong; the wise will cry out: What ridiculous architecture!

Right, bottom: Headdress in a new style.

The name does nothing for this thing. When the Artist is industrious, that a hairstyle looks its best, that is the ultimate goal that he makes for himself. He has succeeded for you; but, Thémire, I swear to you this noble air and these gentle eyes are your most beautiful look.

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Left, top: Young woman in a morning dress with a cascading cap with a three-pointed scarf. Young master in the Polish style, with a vest in the Turkish style and a hat worn tilted in the Swiss style.

Left, bottom: Young bourgeois woman in a gown, coiffed with a cap with a scarf decorated with flowers. Bourgeois man of Paris going about his business.

Right, top: Lady in her grand ensemble, coiffed with a cap ornamented with feathers and garlands of oak and laurel leaves. Great man decorated with a blue ribbon with the cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit emblazoned on his jacket, which is also decorated with all the fine details.

Right, bottom: Young little master wearing a fur coat, with a wolf-fur muff and a hat in the style of Henry IV. Young lady in a fur cloak, and wearing a dress in the Polish style trimmed in tiger fur, in 1778.

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Title General Collection of Different Tastes in Hairstyles
Short Title Collection of Hairstyles, 1778
Place of Publication Paris
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Publication Date 1778
Number of Pages Title page, pp. 23 and 27
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