Indian Utensils and Arms

Karl Bodmer. From Travels in the Interior of North America, by Maximilian, Prinz von Wied. 1843.

Image of Indian Utensils and Arms

Tableau 48 in atlas. Variety of objects collected by Prince Maximillian, from the Plains Indian tribal communities. Objects include Sioux and Iroquois moccasins, quill-decorated otter skin, bows, and an eagle-feather war bonnet.

Metadata Details
Item Type Artwork
Title Indian Utensils and Arms
Publication Title Travels in the Interior of North America
Short Title Indian Utensils and Arms, 1843
Creator Karl Bodmer
Publication Creator Maximilian, Prinz von Wied
Publication Date 1843
Language English, French, German
Call Number VAULT oversize Graff 4649
Location Special Collections 4th floor