Letter from Margery Currey to Eunice Tietjens, August 8, 1912

Margery Currey. August 8, 1912.

Image of Letter from Margery Currey to Eunice Tietjens, August 8, 1912

A letter from Margery Currey to Eunice Tietjens describing a suffrage parade held during the 1912 Progressive Party convention in Chicago. Theodore Roosevelt was the party’s leader and presidential nominee.

Have you read Chicago news? Do you realize that we have had the first suffrage parade in Chicago! To be sure, it was really an escort for the women delegates to the Progressive Convention, and was brought together on 24 hours’ notice, but we marched, and we carried yellow banners, and we heard a woman second the nomination for president, and we heard Roosevelt and other convention speakers come out roundly for a definite program of labor legislation such as has never been done before; and “Votes for Women” goes into the platform! I was never so busy and so exuberant in my life as during this convention week. These have been memorable days—and nights, too—full of wonderful constructive work. It will all be over Saturday night, after Mrs. Robins gives a dinner at the City Club for her sister, Mary Dries, who is a delegate to the National Progressive Convention How those words have become charmed. You never felt such a spirit as that which pervaded the convention. Well, you see I am a maniac—but it was splendid! My work has been to me a well of mineral water, and a band of music, and a ride on an aeroplane. The friend you speak of came into the office—attended the salon—and Floyd administered aid and comfort. He liked her all right. Sincerely yours, Margery Dell August Eighth

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Item Type Letter
Title Letter from Margery Currey to Eunice Tietjens, August 8, 1912
Short Title Margery Currey to Eunice Tietjens, 1912
Creator Margery Currey
Publication Date August 8, 1912
Call Number Midwest MS Tietjens, Box 4, Folder 237
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