Mato-Tope, A Mandan Chief

Karl Bodmer. From Travels in the interior of North America, by Maximilian, Prince of Wied. 1843.

Image of Mato-Tope, A Mandan Chief

Tableau 13 in atlas. Portrait of Mandan Chief, Mato-Tope or “Four Bears.” He wears a shirt made of bighorn sheepskin, adorned with ermine tails, locks of hair, quillwork outlined in beads. He wears a large headdress with eagle feathers.

Metadata Details
Item Type Artwork
Title Mato-Tope, A Mandan Chief
Publication Title Travels in the interior of North America
Short Title Mato-Tope, A Mandan Chief, 1843
Creator Karl Bodmer
Publication Creator Maximilian, Prince of Wied
Publication Date 1843
Call Number VAULT oversize Graff 4649
Location Special Collections 4th floor