“Queen Thamyris”

Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author). From Le Miroir de Humaine Salvation (The Mirror of Human Salvation), Circa 1455.

Image of Queen Thamyris

Regnia thamaire… Queen Thamyris cutting off the head of King Cyrus and placing it in a barrel filled with the blood of his own soldiers.

We also find in the Historica Scholastica on the Book of Daniel the account of Queen Thamyris. When she saw, and heard tales of, the cruelty and heartlessness of the wicked tyrant, King Cyrus, who was insatiably greedy for the sight of massive and horrible human blood letting, and forever making war on kings, dukes, princes, and counts in lands and regions where he felt and could show his vanity and cruelty in putting them all to the sword, sparing or releasing no one. So Queen Thamyris kept a close watch over him and finally caught him at a time so clearly to her advantage that she cut off his head. Then she placed it in a vessel that was filled with the blood from the bodies of King Cyrus’ soldiers, saying these words “Oh accursed and cruel tyrant, may you now sate yourself with the blood that you, while alive, lusted after with such desire, and of which you could never drink your fill during your accursed lifetime.” By Queen Thamyris is meant the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of our Savior Jesus Christ; and by Cyrus, the devil, who before the Passion of our Lord could never satisfy his craving to bring pain and suffering to the human race. However Mary, Queen of heaven, so subdued him that She plunged him into the damnation he had prepared for us…

“Mirror of Human Salvation.” Translated by David Wright with the assistance of John French, Jr. pp. 90–93. Newberry Call No. folio BS478 .S64

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Item Type Book Section
Title Queen Thamyris
Publication Title Le Miroir de Humaine Salvation (The Mirror of Human Salvation)
Short Title Queen Thamyris, 1455
Book Title Le Miroir de Humaine Saluation
Creator Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Publication Date Circa 1455
Pages folio 31 recto
Language Latin and Middle French
Call Number VAULT folio Case MS 40
Location Special Collections 4th floor