Sentences in French and Nipissing

Jean-Claude Mathevet. 1750.

Image of Sentences in French and Nipissing

Judging by his notes, Mathevet’s study of the Nipissing language seems to have been hard work!

passion, résurrection, divers moyens pour se bien comporter, regrets d’un incroyant à la veille de son départ, enfer, patience

[passion, resurrection, various ways of behaving well, the regrets of an unbeliever on the verge of his departure, Hell, patience]

Metadata Details
Item Type Manuscript
Title Sentences in French and Nipissing
Short Title Sentences in French, 1750
Creator Jean-Claude Mathevet
Publication Date 1750
Language French, Nipissing
Call Number VAULT box Ayer MS 1639
Location Special Collections 4th floor