“Soldiers Charging at Powder River”

Black Horse (Cheyenne). From Black Horse Ledger, Circa 1877.

Image of Soldiers Charging at Powder River

A Cheyenne ledger drawing portrays U.S. soldiers in grey or blue uniforms, a few with red face paint and long hair, as though altered to appear Indian. Bullets fly from rifles at the front of the group.

  1. 6 caption: “Soldiers charging at Powder River”

  2. 7 caption: “Soldier pursued”

Metadata Details
Item Type Book Section
Title Soldiers Charging at Powder River
Short Title Soldiers Charging, 1877
Book Title Black Horse Ledger
Creator Black Horse (Cheyenne)
Publication Date Circa 1877
Pages p. 6
Call Number VAULT oversize Ayer MS 3227
Location Special Collections 4th floor