System of Names to Replace Baptismal Names

Jean Alexandre Carney. 1794.

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Title page. During the French Revolution, Jean-Alexandre Carney proposed a system of naming to replace the French custom of naming a baby for the saint whose name was associated with the day of the year on which the baby was born.

Report on names to substitute for Christian names, that is, the project on creating many different names that do not belong to any religion.

Read on the 26th of Vendémiaire of the third year [October 17, 1794] during a meeting of the Populist Society of Montpellier, by Jean-Alexandre Carney, a member of that Society.

If Earth and Apollo, through a gentle marriage,

Lavish you with their gifts, each day, O Frenchmen,

Do not be ungrateful, for from now on your names

Faithfully paint the story of the year.

Diversity, it’s my device.

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This chart offers a selection of secular names that one can give to babies born on this day, known as the day of the donkey in the French Republican Calendar.

Chart following the system for republican names found on page 15.

The 15th of Vendémiaire, the day of the donkey.

[The columns indicate the sex of the child, time of birth (both A.M. and P.M.), names, and variations on those names. All of the names have the suffix -ane (âne = donkey).]

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Item Type Book
Title System of Names to Replace Baptismal Names
Short Title System of Names, 1794
Place of Publication Montpellier
Publisher De l'Imprimerie révolutionnaire
Creator Jean Alexandre Carney
Publication Date 1794
Language French
Call Number Case FRC 15757
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