Tom Raw, the Griffin: A Burlesque Poem

Charles D'Oyly. 1828.

Image of Tom Raw, the Griffin: A Burlesque Poem

Tom Raw, the Griffin: A Burlesque Poem, a satirical novel published in 1828. This plate is entitled “Tom Raw Rejects the Embraces of the Nabob of Bengal.” The accompanying poem describes Tom Raw’s many social blunders as he is introduced to the nabob.

Tom was presented—the Nabob advanced, To give him—par usage—th’ embrace fraternal; But, from the hug, he shrank with fearful glance, Deeming such salutations most infernal. The Omrahs, at this strange demeanor, burn all With wonder, gazing on our hero—who, In struggling with the prince began to squall; His sword, too, swung, and nearly ran quite through His majesty’s phouzdar [head of police]—who set up squalling too.

AT this tucker, [ruckus], th’ attendants—knowing little About mistakes, conceived poor Tom a spy, Or an assassin, and unseated their metal, But fell back when they found it—all my eye: The Nabob still preserved, unchanged, his gravity, Though the court grinned, and Mr. B. began To simper at our hero’s want of suavity, And to depreciate the uncouth man, Who from the princely arms so unpolitely ran.

Metadata Details
Item Type bookplate
Title Tom Raw, the Griffin: A Burlesque Poem
Creator Charles D'Oyly
Publication Date 1828
Call Number Case Y 185 .D779
Location Special Collections