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Image of Of Cannibals Of Cannibals, 1685 1685 Michel de Montaigne
Image of Utopia Utopia, 1685 1685 Thomas More
Image of Epilogue Epilogue to Oroonoko, 1699 1699 William Congreve
Image of An Impartial Description of Surinam Upon the Continent of Guiana in America with a History of Several Strange Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, Insects and Customs of That Colony, &c. Description of Surinam, 1667 1667 George Warren
Image of The Historie of the Holy Warre Historie of the Holy Warre, 1639 1639 Thomas Fuller
Image of The Holy Bible, Conteyning the Old Testament, and the New: Newly Translated Out of the Originall Tongues ... by His Maiesties Speciall Comandement The Holy Bible, King James, 1611 1611
Image of M. William Shake-Speare, His True Chronicle History of the Life and Death of King Lear and His Three Daughters M. William Shake-Speare, King Lear, 1619 1619 William Shakespeare
Image of Of Domesticall Dvties: Eight Treatises Of Domesticall Duties: 1622 1622 William Gouge
Image of The Life and Death of John Atherton The Life and Death of J. Atherton, 1641 1641
Image of A Full Account of a Most Tragycal and Inhuman Murther Most Tragycal and Inhuman Murther, 1699 1699
Image of Elizabeth I Elizabeth I, 1625 1625 Francis Delaram
Image of The Mothers Blessing: Or, the Godly Counsell of a Gentle-Woman The Mothers Blessing, 1636 1636 Dorothy Leigh
Image of The Advice of a Father: Or, Counsel to a Child: Directing Him How to Demean Himself in the Most Important Passages of This Life The Advice of a Father, 1688 1688
Image of Image of the Roman Empire Map of the Roman Empire, 1606 1606 Abraham Ortelius
Image of The Civile Wares: Between the Houses of Lancaster and Yorke The Civile Wares, 1609 1609 Samuel Daniel
Image of Virginia / Discouered and Discribed by Captayn John Smith Map of Virginia, 1612 1612 John Smith
Image of The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: With the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from Their First Beginning anno 1584 to This Present 1626... Generall Historie of Virginia, 1627 1627 John Smith
Image of Le Nouveau Mexique, et La Floride: tirées de diverses cartes, et relations [New Mexico and Florida: from various maps and relations] New Mexico and Florida, 1656 1656 Nicolas Sanson
Image of A Map of New-England, Being the First That Ever Was Here Cut, and Done by the Best Pattern That Could Be Had, Which Being in Some Places Defective, It Made the Other Less Exact: Yet Doth It Sufficiently Shew the Scituation of the Country, and Conveniently Map of New-England, 1677 1677 John Foster
Image of Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae nec non partis Virginiae tabula multis in locis emendata per Nicolaum Visscher [New Netherland New England...] New Amsterdam and New England, 1690 1690 Nicolaes Visscher
Image of A Description of Part of the Adventures of Capt. Smith in Virginia Adventures of Captain Smith, 1627 1627 Robert Vaughan
Image of America settentrionale [North America] North America, 1688 1688 Vicenzo Maria Coronelli
Image of Evrop, and the Cheife Cities Contayned Therin Europe, 1676 1676 John Speed
Image of Spaine Newly Described, with Many Adictions, Both in the Attires of the People & the Setuations of Their Cheifest Cityes Spaine Newly Described, 1676 1676 John Speed
Image of Coronica de los Moros de España [Chronicle of the Spanish Moors] Chronicle of the Spanish Moors, 1618 1618 Jaime Bleda
Image of Relation de l’establissement des françois depuis l’an 1635, en l’isle de la Martinique [Account of the Establishment of the French in the Island of Martinique, Since the Year 1635] Establishment of Martinique, 1640 1640 Jacques Bouton
Image of Fur Trade Contract Between François Francoeur and Four Voyageurs for Transport of Goods and Purchase of Beaver Pelts in Michilimackinac and Chicago : Ville-Marie, Before the Clerk Claude Maugue, 1692 Sept. 15. Fur Trade Contract, 1692 1692
Image of Letters M, N, and O Calligraphy Specimen Page Literary Treasure, 1621 1621 Jan van de Velde
Image of Letter I Calligraphy Specimen Page Letter I, 1592 1592 John Scottowe
Image of Cancellaresco Corsivo Calligraphy Specimen Page Cancellaresco Corsivo, 1594 1594 Jodocus Hondius
Image of Espaignolle Calligraphy Specimen Page Espaignolle, ca. 1600 1600
Image of Letter R Calligraphy Specimen Page Letter R, ca. 1633 1633 Baudouin van Horicke
Image of Inventory of the Possessions of the Printer and Bookseller Jean Chardon Printer's Inventory, 1682 1682
Image of Poeticum viridarium in honorem, laudationem, et obsequium, purae admodum, valdé nitidae, ac nimis intemeratae conceptionis supremae reginae superûm, Beatissimae Virginis nec primam similem, nec secundam habentis, sacratissimae Dei-genitric… Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe 1669 José López de Avilés
Image of Le grand voyage du pays des Hurons, situé en l’Amerique vers la Mer douce, és derniers confins de la Nouvelle France, dite Canada ... Avec un Dictionaire de la langue huronne, pour la commodité de ceux qui ont à voyager dans le pays, & n’ont l’intelligenc French-Huron Dictionary 1632 Gabriel Sagard
Image of The negro's [and] Indians advocate,suing for their admission to the church: or A persuasive to the instructing and baptizing of the negro's and Indians in our plantations. Shewing, that as the compliance therewith can prejudice no man's just interest; so… The Negro’s and Indians Advocate 1680 Morgan Godwyn
Image of The lamentations of Germany : wherein, as in a glasse, we may behold her miserable condition, and reade the woefull effects of sinne The Lamentations of Germany 1638 Philip Vincent
Image of A letter concerning toleration: humbly submitted, & c. ... Letter Concerning Toleration 1689 John Locke
Image of The first [-fift] booke of architecture Serly’s Architecture 1611 Sebastiano Serlio
Image of [Armorial bearings of the kings and noble families of Great Britain from the reign of William the Conqueror to that of James I.] Armorial bearings of the kings and noble famili... 1650
Image of The baptized Turk, or, A narrative of the happy conversion of Signior Rigep Dandulo ... from the delusions of that great impostor Mahomet, unto the Christian religion: happily begun by the author, and effectually prosecuted by the assistance of Mr. Peter The baptized Turk, or, A narrative of the happy... 1658 Thomas Warmstry
Image of Maison rustique, or, The countrey farme Maison rustique 1616 Charles Estienne
Image of Pvrchas his pilgrimes Pvrchas his pilgrimes 1625 Samuel Purchas
Image of A true & exact history of the island of Barbados : illustrated with a mapp of the island, as also the principall trees and plants there, set forth in their due proportions and shapes, drawne out by their severall and respective scales : together with the A true & exact history of the island of Barbados 1657 Richard Ligon
Image of Politicall reflections upon the government of the Turks ; Nicolas Machiavel ; The king of Sweden’s descent into Germany ; The conspiracy of Piso and Vindex against Nero ; The greatnesse and corruption of the court of Rome ; The election of Pope Leo the XI Politicall reflections upon the government of t... 1656 Francis Osborne
Image of Insvlae Molvccae celeberrimae sunt ob maximam aromatum Insvlae Molvccae celeberrimae sunt ob maximam a... 1617 Claes Jansz Visscher
Image of Vero e real disegno della inclita cita di Venetia Vero e real disegno della inclita cita di Venetia 1676 Giovanni Merlo
Image of Ein newe Reyssbeschreibung auss Teutschland nach Constantinopel vnd Jerusalem Ein newe Reyssbeschreibung auss Teutschland nac... 1613 Salomon Schweigger
Image of Agrippa’s De occulta philosophia Agrippa’s De occulta philosophia 1567 Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim
Image of Clissa principal fortezza del Turcho nella Dalmatia Clissa principal fortezza del Turcho nella Dalm... 1605 Christof Tarnowsky
Image of The Turkish Empire The Turkish Empire 1646 John Speed
Image of Petition Petition 1655 Gabriel López de Bonilla
Image of The Lamentations of Germany The Lamentations of Germany 1638 Philip Vincent
Image of The Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus The Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus 1965 Hans Jakob Christoph von Grimmelshausen
Image of Port of Canton, Dutch East India Company Report, 1666 Port of Canton, Dutch East India Company Report... 1666 Johannes Nieuhoff

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