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Image of A Mother's Anguish A Slave Mother's Anguish, 1837 1837
Image of Of the Dawn of Freedom Of the Dawn of Freedom, 1903 1903 W. E. B. Du Bois
Image of We Asked Gwendolyn Brooks About the Creative Environment in Illinois We Asked Gwendolyn Brooks, 1965 1965 Paul M. Angle
Image of Report from Mrs. M. Butler to E. M. Graham, May 9, 1937 Pullman Report from Mrs. M. Butler, 1937 1937 M. Butler
Image of Labor Rally at Du Sable High School, May 9, 1937 Labor Rally at Du Sable High School, 1937 1937
Image of Loyalty resolution, Nashville, Tennessee Pullman loyalty resolution, Nashville, TN, 1928 1928
Image of The Riots at New York The Riots at New York, 1863 1863
Image of The Escaped Slave The Escaped Slave, 1864 1864 T. B. Bishop
Image of The New Place The New Place, 1862 1862 Bobbett-Hooper
Image of In Louisville, KY., 1883 Frederick Douglass speech, Louisville, 1883 1886 Frederick Douglass
Image of Eliza's Flight: A Scene from Uncle Tom's Cabin Eliza's Flight Sheet Music, 1852 1852 Edward J. Loder
Image of The Effects of the Proclamation The Effects of the Proclamation, 1863 1863
Image of The Resurrection of Henry Box Brown The Resurrection of Henry Box Brown, 1872 1872 William Still
Image of Oh, Help the Contraband Oh, Help the Contraband, 1862 1862 Horace Waters
Image of Announcement Langston Hughes, Announcement, 1942 1942 Langston Hughes
Image of a song in the front yard a song in the front yard, 1945 1945 Gwendolyn Brooks
Image of It Ain't Necessarily So It Ain't Necessarily So, 1935 1935 B. Harris
Image of Of Our Spiritual Strivings Of Our Spiritual Strivings, DuBois, 1903 1903 W. E. B. Du Bois
Image of A Vindication of the Capacity of the Negro Race for Self-Government, and Civilized Progress, as Demonstrated by Historical Events of the Haytian Revolution: And the Subsequent Acts of That People Since Their National Independence Self-Government for the Negro Race, 1857 1857 James Theodore Holly
Image of Services of Colored Americans, in the Wars of 1776 and 1812 Services of Colored Americans, 1851 1851 William C. Nell
Image of What To the Slave Is the Fourth of July? What To the Slave, 1855 1855 Frederick Douglass
Image of Census Tracts of Chicago 1934: Per Cent Total Population Negro Census Map of Chicago: Negro Population, 1934 1936 Edith Abbott
Image of kitchenette building” and “of De Witt Williams on his way to Lincoln Cemetery kitchenette and De Witt Williams, 1945 1945 Gwendolyn Brooks
Image of One-Way Ticket,” “Restrictive Covenants,” and “Visitors to the Black Belt One-Way Ticket, 1949 1949 Langston Hughes
Image of The Chicago Race Riots, July 1919 The Chicago Race Riots, 1919 1919 Carl Sandburg
Image of The Riot Area Extending Over the Black Belt The Riot Area over the Black Belt, 1919 1919
Image of Boys on a Junking Expedition Boys Junking, 1949 1949
Image of Chicago-Union Station-Scene in Main Waiting Room Union Station Waiting Room, 1948 1948 Esther Bubley
Image of Go: Guide to Pleasant Motoring Go: Guide to Pleasant Motoring, 1959 1959
Image of Good Citizens ... and a Credit to Their Community Good Citizens, 1949 1949
Image of Preface Addressing Juvenile Delinquency, 1949 1949 Clifford R. Shaw
Image of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, 1845 1845 Frederick Douglass
Image of Costeño. Nègre des environs de Vera-cruz [Person from the Coast. Negro from the Area of Vera-Cruz (Santa Fe) in Sunday Dress] Coastal Person, 1830 1830 Claudio Linati
Image of The Colored Soldier Boys of Uncle Sam The Colored Soldiers, 1918 1918 W. J. Nickerson
Image of Jim!  Jim! 1884 1884 Edward Kemble
Image of He Wants a Change Too He Wants a Change Too, 1876 1876 Thomas Nast
Image of Of Course He Wants to Vote the Democratic Ticket Of Course He Votes Democratic, 1876 1876 A. B. Frost
Image of No Small Breed Fer Yer Uncle Abe Dis Chrismas! Ain't He a Cherub? No Small Breed, 1876 1876 Sol Eytinge
Image of A Bill of Sale Transferring "For ... The Price ... of $300.00" the Ownership of a Negro Slave from Bazile Lavigne to Leon Letellier Bill of Sale for a Slave, 1850 1850 Antoine Donocourt, Bazile Lavigne, Leon Letellier
Image of The Separation of the Mother and Child Separation of Mother and Child, 1852 1852 George Cruikshank
Image of Uncle Tom at Home Uncle Tom at Home, 1852 1852 George Cruikshank
Image of Out of Bondage Out of Bondage, 1884 1884 Edward Kemble
Image of Morning Mustering of the ‘Contraband’ at Fortress Monroe, on Their Way to Their Day’s Work, under the Pay and Direction of the U.S.—from a Sketch by Our Artist at Fortress Monroe Mustering the Contraband, 1862 1861
Image of Youth, in Heaven Youth, in Heaven, 1860 1860 Frances Ellen Watkins
Image of The Auction Sale Auction Sale, 1852 1852 Hammatt Billings
Image of The Fugitives Are Safe in a Free Land The Fugitives Are Safe, 1852 1852 Hammatt Billings
Image of What Shall We Do with White People? What To Do with Whites? 1860 1860 Ethiop
Image of Anecdotes, Poetry, and Incidents of the War: North and South. 1860-1865 Anecdotes of the Civil War, 1867 1867 Frank Moore
Image of Maternal Desperation Maternal Desperation, 1852 1852 George Cruikshank
Image of Eliza Crosses the Ohio on the Floating Ice Eliza Crosses the Ohio, 1852 1852 George Cruikshank
Image of Title Page, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Title, 1852 1852 George Cruikshank
Image of Stop! Don’t Shop Downtown Don’t Shop Downtown, 1963 1963
Image of Memo on Chicago Shopping Boycott Memo on Chicago Shopping Boycott, 1963 1963 Dean Schoelkopf
Image of March—With Integration March—With Integration, 1963 1963
Image of Night Lead Demonstration Night Lead Demonstration, 1963 1963 William J. Conway
Image of Negro Population of Fifty Cities: 1880 to 1930 Negro Population in Cities, 1930 1930 Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
Image of They Seek a City They Seek a City, 1945 1945 Arna Bontemps, Jack Conroy
Image of Jordan’s Stormy Bank Jordan's Stormy Bank, 1945 1945 Arna Bontemps, Jack Conroy
Image of To all Pullman Porters and Maids Pullman Porters and Maids, 1936 1936
Image of Answer, Mr. Negro Pullman Official! Answer, Mr. Negro Pullman Official, 1926 1926
Image of Monster Mass Meeting Monster Mass Meeting, 1926 1926
Image of Our Slogan–“Service, not Servitude” Service, Not Servitude, 1926 1926
Image of The Pullman Porter The Pullman Porter, 1926 1926
Image of Emergency Work Relief Program of the FERA Emergency Work Relief Program of the FERA 1935
Image of Anthony Gilman, Sold into Slavery While Wearing the Uniform of the United States Anthony Gilman, 1978 1978
Image of The Story of Jack Anthony Story of Jack Anthony, 1978 1978
Image of Public Meeting Public Meeting, 1850 1850

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