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Image of Is Free Love Possible? Is Free Love Possible? 1930 1930
Image of Anti-War Dance Anti-War Dance, 1929 1929
Image of A Night in Bohemia: The Dill Pickle Masked Ball The Dill Pickle Masked Ball, 1916 1916
Image of Attention Workingmen! Great Mass Meeting Tonight at 7:30 O'clock at the Haymarket Attention Workingmen! 1886 1886
Image of A Full Account of a Most Tragycal and Inhuman Murther Most Tragycal and Inhuman Murther, 1699 1699
Image of The Advice of a Father: Or, Counsel to a Child: Directing Him How to Demean Himself in the Most Important Passages of This Life The Advice of a Father, 1688 1688
Image of Description of a Slave Ship Description of Slave Ship, 1789 1789
Image of Boston, December 17, 1773: At a Meeting of the People of Boston, and the Neighboring Towns at the Old South Meeting House in Boston, on Tuesday December 14, 1773, and Continued by Adjournment to Thursday the 16th of Said Month, Occasioned by the Perfidiou Boston, December 17, 1773 1773
Image of On Behalf of the King: Police Ordinance about Hawkers and Distributors of Printed Materials On Behalf of the King, 1789 1789
Image of Law Declaring that Individuals of Both Sexes Are Included in the Laws against Rebels Both Sexes Included in Laws Against Rebels, 1795 1795 France. Convention nationale
Image of 2,000 Babies Died Last Summer in Chicago from Hot Weather 2,000 Babies Died, 1909 1909
Image of Stop! Don’t Shop Downtown Don’t Shop Downtown, 1963 1963
Image of To all Pullman Porters and Maids Pullman Porters and Maids, 1936 1936
Image of Answer, Mr. Negro Pullman Official! Answer, Mr. Negro Pullman Official, 1926 1926
Image of Monster Mass Meeting Monster Mass Meeting, 1926 1926
Image of Our Slogan–“Service, not Servitude” Service, Not Servitude, 1926 1926
Image of Speech of John Hossack, Convicted of Violation of the Fugitive Slave Law: before Judge Drummond, of the U.S. District Court of Chicago Speech of John Hossack, 1860 1860 John Hossack
Image of Proclamation from Mayor R. B. Mason Proclamation from Mayor R. B. Mason 1870 R. B. Mason
Image of Satirical Dutch Broadside Satirical Dutch Broadside 1706

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