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Image of The Copperhead Party—In Favor of a Vigorous Prosecution of Peace! The Copperhead Party, 1863 1863 Harper's Weekly
Image of The Changing World The Changing World, 1945 1945 John T. McCutcheon
Image of The First Lesson Uncle Sam Taught Us The First Lesson Uncle Sam Taught Us, 1943 1943 John T. McCutcheon
Image of The New Place The New Place, 1862 1862 Bobbett-Hooper
Image of The Chinese Question The Chinese Question, 1871 1871 Thomas Nast
Image of The Mortar of Assimilation–And the One Element that Won't Mix The Mortar of Assimilation, 1889 1889 C. J. Taylor
Image of Kaiser Wilson Kaiser Wilson, 1917 1917 Boardman Robinson
Image of Isn’t War Scrumptious? Isn’t War Scrumptious? 1917 1917
Image of Mamma’s Boy Mamma’s Boy, 1918 1918
Image of Corporal: What Will You Do…? What Will You Do? 1918 1918
Image of NOW Will You Enlist? NOW Will You Enlist? 1917 1917 Maurice Becker
Image of Film-Flamming Film-Flamming, 1917 1917 Floyd Dell
Image of When China Becomes a Republic When China Becomes a Republic, 1911 1911 John T. McCutcheon
Image of We Won't Have Nixon to Kick Around Any More We Won't Have Nixon, 1964 1972 John Fischetti
Image of The Man with Over 800 Million Customers up His Sleeves Man With 800 Million Customers, 1979 1979 John Fischetti
Image of Forward! Forward!, 1964 1964 John Fischetti
Image of Up Front Up Front 1945 Bill Mauldin

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