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Image of Proclamation by the High Authorities, Containing the Imperial Decree Declaring the English Trade with China for Ever at an End Proclamation by the High Authorities, Containin... 1840 Lin Zexu
Image of Plan of Shanghae Plan of Shanghae 1883 S. Wells Williams
Image of Signing of the Treaty of Peking by Lord Elgin and Prince Kung Signing the Treaty of Peking, 1867 1867 N. B. Dennys
Image of Sketch Map of the Streets of the Peking Foreign Quarter Peking Foreign Quarter, 1901 1901 Nigel Oliphant
Image of When China Becomes a Republic When China Becomes a Republic, 1911 1911 John T. McCutcheon
Image of We Won't Have Nixon to Kick Around Any More We Won't Have Nixon, 1964 1972 John Fischetti
Image of The Man with Over 800 Million Customers up His Sleeves Man With 800 Million Customers, 1979 1979 John Fischetti
Image of Forward! Forward!, 1964 1964 John Fischetti
Image of Map of the World, Beijing, 1858 Map of the World, Beijing, 1858 1858 Zhuanf Tingfu

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