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Image of Adam, Eve, and the Serpent Adam, Eve, and the Serpent, 1455 1455
Image of Mary Is Our Protector and Defender Mary Is Our Protector and Defender, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Queen Thamyris Queen Thamyris, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Eve Formed from Adam's Rib Eve Formed from Adam's Rib, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Mary and Judith Mary and Judith, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of Satan Deceives Eve by Means of the Serpent Satan Deceives Eve, 1455 1455 Ludolphus de Saxonia (supposed author)
Image of The Holy Bible, Conteyning the Old Testament, and the New: Newly Translated Out of the Originall Tongues ... by His Maiesties Speciall Comandement The Holy Bible, King James, 1611 1611
Image of Carta pastoral exhortatoria dirigida a los parrocos y demas ecc[lesiásti]cos del obispado de Durango [Pastoral letter of November 28, 1812, addressed to parish priests and other clergy of the diocese of Durango by the dean and chapter of the cathedral] Pastoral Letter, 1812 1812 Pedro de Gamez et al.
Image of You Who Love with True Love You Who Love, 1189 1909
Image of The Bruce, Being the Metrical History of Robert the Bruce King of Scots Robert the Bruce, 1489 1790 John Barbour
Image of The Historie of the Holy Warre Historie of the Holy Warre, 1639 1639 Thomas Fuller
Image of Index expurgatorius librorum [Index of expurgated books] Index of Expurgated Books, 1571 1571
Image of Sileni Alcibaides Erasmus's Adages, 1540 1540 Desiderius Erasmus
Image of Index et catalogus librorum prohibitorum [Index and catalog of forbidden books] Index of Forbidden Books, 1583 1583
Image of Coronica de los Moros de España [Chronicle of the Spanish Moors] Chronicle of the Spanish Moors, 1618 1618 Jaime Bleda
Image of Letter of King Philip II of Spain and Portugal Letter of King Philip II, 1583 1583
Image of Map No. 6 Stock Yard & Hyde Park Districts of Chicago Showing Distribution of Public Institutions and of Criminality in A.D. 1900 Public Institutions and Criminality, 1901 1901 Charles J. Bushnell
Image of Sentences in French and Nipissing Sentences in French, 1750 1750 Jean-Claude Mathevet
Image of Relation de l’establissement des françois depuis l’an 1635, en l’isle de la Martinique [Account of the Establishment of the French in the Island of Martinique, Since the Year 1635] Establishment of Martinique, 1640 1640 Jacques Bouton
Image of Pius episcopus seruus seruorum dei illustri mahumeti principi turchorum timorem diuini nominis et amorem [manuscript] [between 1462 and 1470] Pius episcopus seruus seruorum dei illustri mah... 1462 Pope Pius II
Image of [Indulgence letter] [manuscript] : Florence, Italy, to Lorenzo Matteo Morelli Indulgence letter 1481 Franciscan Father Angelo Carletti da Chivasso
Image of The baptized Turk, or, A narrative of the happy conversion of Signior Rigep Dandulo ... from the delusions of that great impostor Mahomet, unto the Christian religion: happily begun by the author, and effectually prosecuted by the assistance of Mr. Peter The baptized Turk, or, A narrative of the happy... 1658 Thomas Warmstry
Image of  	The history of the Chvrch of Englande. Compiled by Venerable Bede, Englishman. Translated out of Latin in to English by Thomas Stapleton student in Diuinite. Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum. English 1565 The Venerable Saint Bede, trans. by Thomas Stapleton
Image of Syriac Bible Syriac Bible 1200 Unknown
Image of The London Polyglot The London Polyglot 1667 Brian Walton
Image of Franciscan Bible Franciscan Bible 1275 Unknown
Image of Gutenberg Bible Gutenberg Bible 1454 Johannes Gutenberg
Image of Luther's German Bible Luther's German Bible 1539 Martin Luther
Image of Satirical Dutch Broadside Satirical Dutch Broadside 1706
Image of Croatian New Testament Croatian New Testament 1562
Image of Slovenian Bible Slovenian Bible 1584
Image of William Fulke's Bible William Fulke's Bible 1601 William Fulke
Image of States' Bible States' Bible 1640
Image of Eliot Bible Eliot Bible 1663 John Eliot
Image of Act Establishing the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Act Establishing the Society for the Propagatio... 1649 Parliament, House of Commons

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