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Image of General Sherman's Rear Guard General Sherman's Rear Guard, 1864 1864 Thomas Nast
Image of Preserve the Union Preserve the Union, 1864 1864
Image of The Copperhead Catechism: For the Instruction of Such Politicians as Are of Tender Years The Copperhead Catechism, 1864 1864
Image of The Conscription Bill. Speech Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 23, 1863 The Conscription Bill. February 23, 1863 1863 Clement L. Vallandigham
Image of Letter from Gideon Allen to Annie Cox Gideon Allen to Annie Cox, 1863 1863 Gideon Allen
Image of The Copperhead Party—In Favor of a Vigorous Prosecution of Peace! The Copperhead Party, 1863 1863 Harper's Weekly
Image of Dialogue between an Old-fashioned Jacksonian Democrat and a Copperhead Jacksonian Democrat vs. Copperhead, 1864 1864 William Alexander
Image of Confession of Mrs. Norris, B.S., and Her Sentence Confession of Mrs. Norris- Copperhead, 1865 1865 I. Winslow Ayer
Image of The Riots at New York The Riots at New York, 1863 1863
Image of The Martyr's Monument Being the Patriotism and Political Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln The Martyr's Monument, 1865 1865 Abraham Lincoln
Image of Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union; and the Ordinance of Secession Declaration of Causes of Secession, 1860 1860
Image of The Seceding South Carolina Delegation Seceding South Carolina Delegation, 1860 1860 Brady
Image of The Escaped Slave The Escaped Slave, 1864 1864 T. B. Bishop
Image of Contrabands Coming into Camp in Consequence of the Proclamation Contrabands Coming into a Union Camp, 1863 1863 A.R. Waud
Image of Reynolds's Political Map of the United States: Designed to Exhibit the Comparative Area of the Free and Slave States and the Territory Open to Slavery or Freedom by the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise Reynolds's Political Map, 1856 1856 William C. Reynolds
Image of Proclamation of Emancipation Abraham Lincoln Illustration-Emancipation Proclamation, 1867 1867 W. H. Pratt
Image of The Resurrection of Henry Box Brown The Resurrection of Henry Box Brown, 1872 1872 William Still
Image of Oh, Help the Contraband Oh, Help the Contraband, 1862 1862 Horace Waters
Image of Letter to Albert Hodges, April 4, 1864 Lincoln to Albert Hodges, April 4, 1864 1864 Abraham Lincoln
Image of Letter to James Conkling, August 26, 1863 Lincoln to James Conkling, 1863 1863 Abraham Lincoln
Image of Suffering Heroes Suffering Heroes, 1865 1865 Vaningen, Snider
Image of Letter to Sarah Cole Deal Letter to Sarah Deal, 1862 1862 George Deal
Image of Morning Mustering of the ‘Contraband’ at Fortress Monroe, on Their Way to Their Day’s Work, under the Pay and Direction of the U.S.—from a Sketch by Our Artist at Fortress Monroe Mustering the Contraband, 1862 1861
Image of On Guard On Guard, 1864 1864 Winslow Homer
Image of Our Banner in the Sky Our Banner, 1861 1861 Frederic Edwin Church
Image of The Bombardment of Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor, the 12th and 13th of April, 1861 Fort Sumter, 1862 1862 E. G. Squier
Image of Our Watering Places—The Empty Sleeve at Newport The Empty Sleeve, 1865 1865 Winslow Homer
Image of Filling Cartridges at the United States Arsenal, at Watertown, Massachusetts Filling Cartridges, 1861 1861 Winslow Homer
Image of The Bonnie Flag with the Stripes and Stars The Bonnie Flag, 1863 1863 James Lorraine Geddes
Image of On the Battlefield at Gettysburg Gettysburg, 1863 1863
Image of Capture of the Heights of Fredericksburg by the Sixth Maine Regiment, of Sedgwick’s Corps Capture of Fredericksburg, 1863 1863
Image of News from the War News from the War, 1862 1862 Winslow Homer
Image of The Myriopticon: A Historical Panorama: The Rebellion Myriopticon, 1866 1866
Image of George Deal George Deal, 1864 1864
Image of Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy Little Women, 1869 1869 Louisa May Alcott
Image of I Have No One to Send—I’ll Go Myself, and Nurse the Sick I have no one to send, 1861 1861
Image of If I cannot fight, I can feed those who do If I cannot fight, 1861 1861
Image of Our Women and the War Our Women and the War, 1862 1862 Winslow Homer
Image of The Military Situation and Indian Outrages in the Northwest War News, 1862 1862
Image of Presentation to the Authorities, by Privates, of Colors Captured in Battles Ending in the Surrender of Lee Presentation of Colors Captured, 1866 1866 Herman Melville
Image of On the Men of Maine Killed in the Victory of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Men Killed in Baton Rouge, 1866 1866 Herman Melville
Image of Song of Our Glorious Southland Our Glorious Southland, 1866 1866 Mary Ware
Image of The Confederate Flag The Confederate Flag, 1866 1866 Anna Peyre Dinnies
Image of Georgia, My Georgia! Georgia, My Georgia! 1866 1866 Carrie Bell Sinclair
Image of Anecdotes, Poetry, and Incidents of the War: North and South. 1860-1865 Anecdotes of the Civil War, 1867 1867 Frank Moore
Image of Shiloh Shiloh, 1866 1866 Herman Melville
Image of Our Banner in the Sky Our Banner in the Sky 1861 Frederic Edwin Church
Image of “Christmas Boxes in Camp—Christmas 1861” “Christmas Boxes in Camp—Christmas 1861” 1862 Winslow Homer
Image of Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln 1868 George P. A. Healy

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