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Image of YMCA Class… and Class of Foreign-born Women… “Class of Foreign-Born Women”, 1914 1914 Edward Alsworth Ross
Image of The Middle Five: Indian Boys at School Indian Boys at School, 1900 1900 Francis La Flesche
Image of Map of the Northern Parts of the United States of America Northern United States, 1798 1798 Abraham Bradley, Jr.
Image of Eighth Map: 1789 United States in 1789 1828 Emma Willard
Image of Map of the Territories and Texas and California Western Territories, 1854 1854 S. Augustus Mitchell
Image of Introductory Map: Locations and Wanderings of the Aboriginal Tribes Locations of Aboriginal Tribes, 1828 1828 Emma Willard
Image of Memo on Chicago Shopping Boycott Memo on Chicago Shopping Boycott, 1963 1963 Dean Schoelkopf

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