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Image of The Freedmen's Bureau The Freedmen's Bureau, 1868 1868 A.R. Waud
Image of Immediate Emancipation Immediate Emancipation, Garrison, 1836 1836 William Lloyd Garrison
Image of The New Place The New Place, 1862 1862 Bobbett-Hooper
Image of Contrabands Coming into Camp in Consequence of the Proclamation Contrabands Coming into a Union Camp, 1863 1863 A.R. Waud
Image of Eliza's Flight: A Scene from Uncle Tom's Cabin Eliza's Flight Sheet Music, 1852 1852 Edward J. Loder
Image of The Effects of the Proclamation The Effects of the Proclamation, 1863 1863
Image of Proclamation of Emancipation Abraham Lincoln Illustration-Emancipation Proclamation, 1867 1867 W. H. Pratt
Image of Letter to James Conkling, August 26, 1863 Lincoln to James Conkling, 1863 1863 Abraham Lincoln
Image of Morning Mustering of the ‘Contraband’ at Fortress Monroe, on Their Way to Their Day’s Work, under the Pay and Direction of the U.S.—from a Sketch by Our Artist at Fortress Monroe Mustering the Contraband, 1862 1861
Image of Says, 1–6 Says, 1860 1860 Walt Whitman
Image of Emancipation Emancipation, 1890 1890 Emily Dickinson

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