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Image of Of Cannibals Of Cannibals, 1685 1685 Michel de Montaigne
Image of The Newe Founde Worlde, or Antarctike Newe Founde Worlde, 1568 1568 André Thevet
Image of Le Champion des Dames Le Champion des Dames, 1488 1488 Martin Le Franc
Image of John Malcolm John Malcolm, 1784 1784 Nicolas Ponce, Francois Godefroy
Image of On Behalf of the King: Police Ordinance about Hawkers and Distributors of Printed Materials On Behalf of the King, 1789 1789
Image of Incompetence of Any Tribunal to Judge Louis XVI Incompetence of Any Tribunal, 1793 1793
Image of I Wait for the Head of the Assassin, Louis XVI I Wait for the Head of Louis XVI, 1793 1793
Image of The Guillotine The Guillotine, 1794 1794 Chenu
Image of The Death of Louis XVI: Tragedy The Death of Louis XVI, 1797 1797 M. Aignan and Jules-Julien-Gabriel Berthevin
Image of System of Names to Replace Baptismal Names System of Names, 1794 1794 Jean Alexandre Carney
Image of General Collection of Different Tastes in Hairstyles Collection of Hairstyles, 1778 1778
Image of Revolutions of France and Brabant Revolutions of France and Brabant, 1789 1789 Camille Desmoulins and Louis Marie Prudhomme
Image of Costumes of Representatives of the People, Members of the Two Councils, the Executive Directory, the Ministers and Others Costumes of Representatives of the People, 1796 1796 Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur
Image of The Rights of Woman: To the Queen The Rights of Woman, 1791 1791 Olympe de Gouges
Image of Law Declaring that Individuals of Both Sexes Are Included in the Laws against Rebels Both Sexes Included in Laws Against Rebels, 1795 1795 France. Convention nationale
Image of You Who Love with True Love You Who Love, 1189 1909
Image of Crusaders & Saracens in Conference Crusaders & Saracens, 1848 1848
Image of A List of the Knights Who Accompanied Saint Louis on His Expedition to Palestine Knights Who Accompanied Louis, 1217 1848 Henry G. Bohn
Image of Words for the King of France Words for the King, 1250 1848 Essahib-Giémal-Edden-Ben-Matroub
Image of The Crusaders The Crusaders, 1267 1820 Rutebeuf
Image of Diagram Illustrating Typical Fire Trench, Second Line and Communication Trenches, &c Diagram of Trenches, 1917 1917 Arthur Guy Empey
Image of The Western Battle Front The Western Front, 1918 1918 Geographical Publishing Co.
Image of Sentences in French and Nipissing Sentences in French, 1750 1750 Jean-Claude Mathevet
Image of Relation de l’establissement des françois depuis l’an 1635, en l’isle de la Martinique [Account of the Establishment of the French in the Island of Martinique, Since the Year 1635] Establishment of Martinique, 1640 1640 Jacques Bouton
Image of Histoire des Caraïbes : nation sauvage qui habite les Isles du Vent en Amérique et partie de la terre ferme ou continent. [History of the Caribs: A Savage Nation Inhabiting the Windward Isles in America, and Part of the Terra Firma or Continent] History of the Caribs, 1760 1760 Marquis de Lambertye
Image of Mémoire de Lxx Dxx officier ingénieur, contenant les événements qui se sont passés à la Louisiane depuis 1715 jusqu’à présent  [Memoir of Lxx Dxx, engineering officer, containing the events that have happened in Louisiana from 1715 to the present] Memoir of Lxx Dxx, 1747 1747 Dumont de Montigny
Image of Relation d’une conspiration tramée par les negres : dans l’Isle de S. Domingue [Account of a Conspiracy Organized by the Negroes: In the Island of St Domingue] Account of a Conspiracy, 1759 1759
Image of Plan du fort de lisle de Goreé et ses projets [Map and plans for the Fort of the Island of Gorée] Map of Gorée, 1716 1716
Image of Voyage du chevalier Des Marchais en Guinée, isles voisines, et à Cayenne, fait en 1725, 1726 & 1727. [Voyage of the Chevalier des Marchais to Guinea, the Neighboring Islands and to Cayenne, made in 1725, 1726, and 1727] Voyage to Guinea, 1731 1731 Jean-Baptiste Labat
Image of Réflexions [Reflections (excerpt)] Reflections, 1895 1895 Charles Gravier, Charlemagne Tower, Jr.
Image of Lettre du roi à M. l'amiral, pour faire délivrer des commissions en course [Letter from the King to Monseigneur the Admiral, Delivering a Commission] Letter from Louis XVI, 1778 1778 Louis XVI of France
Image of Receipt for Parchment Receipt for Parchment, 1448 1448 Guillaume Duru
Image of Advertisement for Larcher Advertisement for Larcher, 1756 1756 Larcher (paper merchant)
Image of Excerpt from a French Notarial Register Notary Register, 1582-83 1582 Guilhelm Peytralis
Image of Rent Roll of Tenant Farms in Payens French Rent Roll, 1570 1570
Image of Marriage Contract of Jean Favy and Catherine Lobeyrie Marriage Contract, 1599 1599
Image of Inventory of the Possessions of the Printer and Bookseller Jean Chardon Printer's Inventory, 1682 1682
Image of The 15 Joys of Our Lady Book of Hours, ca. 1480 1480
Image of Heures a l’usage de Rome Heures a l’usage de Rome 1487 Philippe Pigouchet
Image of Histoire naturelle du cacao, et du sucre, divisée en deux traités Histoire naturelle du cacao, et du sucre, divis... 1719 D. Quélus
Image of Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et du chocolate Traitez nouveaux & curieux du café, du thé et d... 1688 Philippe Sylvestre Dufour
Image of The History of the Franks The History of the Franks 1974 Saint Gregory, Bishop of Tours
Image of Historia Inquisitionis Historia Inquisitionis No Date Philippus van Limborch
Image of Siege of La Rochelle Siege of La Rochelle 1629 Jacques Callot
Image of The First Volume Containing Forty Tableaus The First Volume Containing Forty Tableaus 1575
Image of The Defense of the Defense of Verdun The Defense of the Defense of Verdun 1930 Philippe Pétain
Image of Disputes at the Top - Joffre and Pétain Disagree Disputes at the Top - Joffre and Pétain Disagree 1932 Joseph Jacques Joffre
Image of Franciscan Bible Franciscan Bible 1275 Unknown
Image of Gutenberg in Les vrais pourtraits et vies des hommes illustres Gutenberg in Les vrais pourtraits et vies des h... 1584 André Thevet

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