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Image of The avncient Historie And onely trewe and syncere Chronicle of the warres betwixte the Grecians and the Troyans, and subsequently the fyrst euer cyon of the auncient and famouse Cytye of Troye vnder Lamedon the King, and of the laste and fynall... Troy Book 1555 John Lydgate
Image of The Byble in Englyshe : that is to saye the content of all the holy scrypture, bothe of ye olde and newe testament / truly translated after the veryte of the Hebrue and Greke textes, by ye dylygent studye of dyuerie excellent learned men, expert in the fo Bible. English. Great Bible. 1539. 1539
Image of  	The history of the Chvrch of Englande. Compiled by Venerable Bede, Englishman. Translated out of Latin in to English by Thomas Stapleton student in Diuinite. Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum. English 1565 The Venerable Saint Bede, trans. by Thomas Stapleton
Image of The Byble in Englyshe The Byble in Englyshe 1539

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