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Image of Frontispiece Don Quixote frontispiece, 1780 1780 Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Image of Index expurgatorius librorum [Index of expurgated books] Index of Expurgated Books, 1571 1571
Image of Sileni Alcibaides Erasmus's Adages, 1540 1540 Desiderius Erasmus
Image of Index et catalogus librorum prohibitorum [Index and catalog of forbidden books] Index of Forbidden Books, 1583 1583
Image of Coronica de los Moros de España [Chronicle of the Spanish Moors] Chronicle of the Spanish Moors, 1618 1618 Jaime Bleda
Image of Letter of King Philip II of Spain and Portugal Letter of King Philip II, 1583 1583
Image of Instructions that Inquisitors Must Follow Instructions that Inquisitors Must Follow 1510
Image of Lucerna Inquisitorum Haereticae Lucerna Inquisitorum Haereticae 1596 Comensis Bernardus
Image of Historia Inquisitionis Historia Inquisitionis No Date Philippus van Limborch
Image of Inquisition at Goa Inquisition at Goa 1688 Gabriel Dellon
Image of Petition Petition 1655 Gabriel López de Bonilla
Image of Prayerbook Prayerbook 1515 Catholic Church
Image of The Mirror of the Cruel and Horrible Spanish Tyranny Perpetrated in the Low Countries The Mirror of the Cruel and Horrible Spanish Ty... 1620 Jan Evertszoon Cloppenburg

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