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Image of After the Riot: The Shadow of Death After the Riot: Shadow of Death, 1886 1886 C. Bunnell
Image of Police Charging the Murderous Rioters Police Charging the Murderous Rioters, 1886 1886 C. Bunnell
Image of Anarchy and Anarchists. A History of the Red Terror and the Social Revolution in America and Europe A History of the Red Terror, 1889 1889 Michael J. Schaack
Image of Attention Workingmen! Great Mass Meeting Tonight at 7:30 O'clock at the Haymarket Attention Workingmen! 1886 1886
Image of Chicago Herald Illustration Chicago Herald - A Pullman family, 1894 1895
Image of Burning of Six Hundred Freight-Cars on the Panhandle Railroad, South of Fiftieth Street, on the Evening of July 6th Burning of Six Hundred Freight-Cars, 1894 1894 G. A. Coffin, Charles Mente
Image of Vanguard of Anarchy Vanguard of Anarchy, 1894 1894 W. A. Rogers
Image of King Debs King Debs, 1894 1894 W. A. Rogers
Image of The Great Chicago Strike: Militiamen on a Wrecking Train Firing into the Mob at 49th Street Great Chicago Strike: Mob at 49th St. 1894 1894 Jon. R. Chapin
Image of Knights of Labor Illustrated; the Full, Illustrated Ritual Including the Unwritten Work and an Historical Sketch of the Order Knights of Labor Illustrated, 1886 1886
Image of The Garment Worker's Strike The Garment Worker's Strike, 1915 1915
Image of Statement from the I.W.W. Statement from the I.W.W. 1917 1917
Image of Report from Mrs. M. Butler to E. M. Graham, May 9, 1937 Pullman Report from Mrs. M. Butler, 1937 1937 M. Butler
Image of Labor Rally at Du Sable High School, May 9, 1937 Labor Rally at Du Sable High School, 1937 1937
Image of Loyalty resolution, Nashville, Tennessee Pullman loyalty resolution, Nashville, TN, 1928 1928
Image of Terrorism Terrorism, 1920 1920 Chicago Federation of Labor
Image of To all Pullman Porters and Maids Pullman Porters and Maids, 1936 1936
Image of Answer, Mr. Negro Pullman Official! Answer, Mr. Negro Pullman Official, 1926 1926
Image of Monster Mass Meeting Monster Mass Meeting, 1926 1926
Image of Our Slogan–“Service, not Servitude” Service, Not Servitude, 1926 1926
Image of The Pullman Porter The Pullman Porter, 1926 1926

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