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Image of Correspondence from Nauvoo Correspondence from Nauvoo 1844 R. B. Weston
Image of Brief History of Icaria Brief History of Icaria 1880 Icarian Community
Image of Syriac Bible Syriac Bible 1200 Unknown
Image of The London Polyglot The London Polyglot 1667 Brian Walton
Image of Franciscan Bible Franciscan Bible 1275 Unknown
Image of Gutenberg Bible Gutenberg Bible 1454 Johannes Gutenberg
Image of Luther's German Bible Luther's German Bible 1539 Martin Luther
Image of Satirical Dutch Broadside Satirical Dutch Broadside 1706
Image of Croatian New Testament Croatian New Testament 1562
Image of Slovenian Bible Slovenian Bible 1584
Image of William Fulke's Bible William Fulke's Bible 1601 William Fulke
Image of States' Bible States' Bible 1640
Image of Eliot Bible Eliot Bible 1663 John Eliot
Image of Act Establishing the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Act Establishing the Society for the Propagatio... 1649 Parliament, House of Commons
Image of The Bhagvat-geeta The Bhagvat-geeta 1785 Charles Wilkins (translator)

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