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Image of Kaiser Wilson Kaiser Wilson, 1917 1917 Boardman Robinson
Image of Physically Fit Physically Fit, 1917 1917 Henry Glintenkamp
Image of Fisk Club Boys Are Doing Their Bit Fisk Club Boys, 1917 1917 Norman Rockwell
Image of Isn’t War Scrumptious? Isn’t War Scrumptious? 1917 1917
Image of Mamma’s Boy Mamma’s Boy, 1918 1918
Image of Corporal: What Will You Do…? What Will You Do? 1918 1918
Image of Colgate’s Ribbon Dental Cream Colgate Dental Cream, 1918 1918
Image of Cream of Wheat. ‘Preparedness’ Cream of Wheat, 1917 1917
Image of The Red Cross The Red Cross, 1917 1917
Image of NOW Will You Enlist? NOW Will You Enlist? 1917 1917 Maurice Becker
Image of Film-Flamming Film-Flamming, 1917 1917 Floyd Dell
Image of Challenging the Government Challenging the Government, 1917 1917
Image of All Together: “We’re Out to Beat the Hun” All Together, 1918 1918 E. Paul Hamilton and M. L. Lake
Image of The Colored Soldier Boys of Uncle Sam The Colored Soldiers, 1918 1918 W. J. Nickerson
Image of Don’t Blame the Germans Don't Blame the Germans, 1915 1915 John J. Donahue
Image of So Long Sammy So Long Sammy, 1917 1917 Benny Davis, Jack Yellen, and Albert Gumble
Image of Diagram Illustrating Typical Fire Trench, Second Line and Communication Trenches, &c Diagram of Trenches, 1917 1917 Arthur Guy Empey
Image of The Western Battle Front The Western Front, 1918 1918 Geographical Publishing Co.
Image of Photograph of Eunice Tietjens Photograph of Eunice Tietjens No Date
Image of “Physically Fit” “Physically Fit” 1917 Henry Glintenkamp

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